Wednesday, April 9, 2014

oh Starbucks, the problems you create

I got my free birthday drink from Starbucks last month. It was set to expire Friday but I was out of digestive enzymes... What's a girl to do?

Make a special trip to GNC with two kids and pay $32 for pills in order to enjoy a free latte.

Anyone see a problem here? No? I didn't think so. Move along. ;)

ps. what do you think of the new blog design?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

8 Months

Dear Gabriel,

I'm not even sure how it happened but suddenly you're 8 months old already. 

Still no teeth and hardly any hair to speak of. At 18.8lbs you've barely gained any weight this month, but as active as you are now that's no surprise. I can't put you down without you instantly appearing on the other side of the room. You are definitely a speed demon. 

You're adorable, you're funny and you love to laugh. No one makes you laugh like your sister. I love how your eyes light up when you see her. You don't exactly talk a lot but when you do it's a LOT of mumumumumumums. I can't tell you how precious is it to see you crawling across the room towards me calling for me. Heart melting stuff there baby. 

You're way more of an eater than your sister ever was, you totally expect to be fed real food at least 3 times a day. J could care less if she got one solid meal or not. 

With the amount that you're pulling up and standing I'd be surprised if you're not full fledged cruising by next months update. 

I love you little boy, I love watching your personality develop, I love how much you love your family.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I think his name is Harry.

There are two Harris Teeters in my world. The one we went to when we lived in the rental house and the one literally 3 minutes from our new house. I prefer everything about the first Harris Teeter except that it is now a 10 minute drive. Jessica also prefers this Harris Teeter. Why? Because of this guy.

This look says, "What is happening? I had no idea this thing could move!"

"If I push this button again what happens?"

"but seriously people.. how is this moving?"

If she follows directions and behaves during the shopping she gets to sit in the dragon for a couple of minutes on the way out. We've been doing this for a while. If I ever find them I'll add in the other photos of her in the dragon I've taken over the past two years. I have at least three that I'm sure of. I'm not sure why they decided to choose tonight to be stubborn and hide from me. 
haha! It wasn't just me! These photos from October 2012 have no one cent sticker!
I've long been a proponent of the "don't ever put money in the machine and they won't know that it actually does something" school of thought. However today I noticed something. That giant 1 cent sign up there. Has it always been there? Surely not. Does it really mean ONE PENNY?  Upon closer inspection I can see a 50 cent label taped over at the bottom of the machine and this new coin slot jury rigged up top. I don't mention anything to Jessica and hesitantly pop a penny in. Nothing happens. Relived I didn't mention anything I hope the cart boy didn't notice me putting a penny in the machine. Then I hear a disembodied voice that does not seem to be coming from the dragon, reminding me not to leave my child unattended. I tell Jessica to try the start button. Nothing happens. About 20 seconds later the start button starts flashing green. Jessica stares at it. I stare it. I tell her to try it again. Poof! It moves! Her whole world has changed. It wasn't crazy excitement, it was a more a whimsical "Oh my!" It was precious. The whole time she was trying to figure out what was causing it to move and wondering out loud what would make it stop. This was definitely worth a penny. Granted... a penny EVERY time we go will now be required. Meh, still worth it. :D

Gabriel - 7 months

13 days ago that is. Did you think I'd forgotten?

February is a busy month. Between all the preschool social occasions revolving around Valentines and then a certain special girl's birthday, which seems to last at least a week, the days fly by. I've heard people say that February is the longest shortest month. It's true, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love February. My daughter was born in February, my parents were married in February (actually it's their 35th wedding anniversary today, impressive isn't it!) February brings snow AND 70 degree days. I don't care if I was 25 before I learned how to consistently spell it correctly.

The hardest part of the photo shoot this month (other than trying to edit some light in because I didn't manage to get them taken till the sun went down) was trying to keep this boy still. Since he's figured out how to move he's become unstoppable. He's up on he knees and tearing off at nscar speeds.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So today we got snow. A lot of snow. (A lot of snow for us southerners that is.) Tonight we have freezing rain... high probability of power outages but for now we're cozy and warm. Maybe a little too cozy. Gabriel is cuddled up on one side of me and Jessica seems to have molded herself to my back. Despite having a king size bed, I think the kids and I are taking up about 10 inches of it.

The flurries started falling almost exactly at 12:30. Here are the kiddos watching it come down. One is obviously more interested in the snow than the other. Hint, it's not the one who asked if she could watch tv instead.

Mark's safe and sound and not stuck in traffic across the country in Colorado. Must say, snow isn't nearly as lovely without him here. Jessica's not nearly as interested in my running commentary about how high the snow is now. Thankfully, we have lovely neighbors who she got to play with outside. (Note to self.. buy your child snow pants!) There's only so long I can keep a 7 month old out in the snow before I feel a bit guilty. That snow date turned into a movie and cocoa at a friend's house which then progressed to dinner and a movie at our house. All in all a pretty perfect snow day.

This is the snow at it's loveliest around 4pm before the sleet started at 5.

As much as I love the white stuff. I'm kinda nervous. Mark's flight home is due to arrive tomorrow night. I'm not sure the airport will even be open, it's supposed to snow more tomorrow. Friday my parents are supposed to drive down for the long weekend and Jessica's birthday. However, a foot or so of snow is forecasted for them tonight. The party is Saturday... I don't have everything I need yet... was hoping to go to the store today... that did not happen. At this point I don't even know if they'll have the roads cleared by Friday. What if Mark and my parents don't make it in time for the party... can I manage that many people on my own... do I still have time to order cupcakes or will I be baking 40+ cupcakes Friday night? Stay tuned.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Peek A Boo

Funny because peekaboo is not a game we play often and he started doing this all on his own with no prompting. I'm sure it's been weeks since we last played.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas Card Book

It's no secret that I loathe putting away Christmas. It's not the actual act of tidying up and boxing it away (that's rather cathartic) but the absence of the lights, decorations and memories from years past that makes me a bit melancholy. We actually just boxed up the last of Christmas last week.

The last item to get put away every year are our cards. People spend time, money and energy to send these to us. I refuse to display them for a week and then be rid of them. (Plus cards trickle in until the second week in January and I don't want to put them away until they all arrive!)

This was definitely the year of the photo card. We got more photo cards this year than ever before, and you know what? I love them! Problem though. Flat photo cards do not stand up on your mantle or entry table very well... With incredibly fortuitous timing, I visited a friend in early December who was taping her collection to the front door. That made perfect sense! (We rarely use our front door but we see it all the time.) What a great way to display those wonderful cards my friends spent so much effort on. (Having made photo cards twice now, I tip my hat to those families that manage it every year. The coordination alone is an incredible feat! Match children, decorate pet, take photos, get decent photo, edit photos, find template, find coupons, address, remember to post! The list is endless. :D

No way am I throwing all that loveliness away. 

So what do I do with all those cards come mid-January? One year I put them in shoebox, the next year I cut them into pieces and decorated cardboard boxes with them, but the past few years I've made a kind of simple book out of them.

Get a couple of these things. Book rings. I picked mine up at Staples.
About $4 for a bag of 16.

It looks like you can get a bag of 50 for closer to $13 on I used a double hole punch for the cards. It worked really nicely with the smaller cards. Then just organize by size, pick a favourite for the cover and you're done! I suppose I could have made a cover that said Christmas 2013 on it... perhaps next year.

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