Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dairy follow up

I guess I really should write the follow-up to the dairy post before I completely forget what happened.

After starting the morning with the yogurt smoothie, the entire day passed without incident. Enter dinner time.

Harris Teeter was out of their normal orangic spaghetti o's and I caved and let Jbear choose something from the "Chef Boyardee" range... mistake. Turns out the Dino O's she chose were really dinos in tomato and cheese sauce. Good one mom. Way to pay attention.
Did I notice this before dinner? Not so much.
Did I notice this before he tucked in? Nope.
He devoured his bowl. Loved every bite. Irony? J hated them and wouldn't touch them. 0_o

That night around 1am he woke up screaming. Was it a gas bubble, was it teething pain? Hard to say. I didn't get him to burp but after much pacing, patting and shusshing he finally went back to sleep.

Skipped a day and then tried a yogurt smoothie again, except this time he only drank half of it. Once again the day passed incident free until dinner. He got a turkey and tomato toastie, J got tomato and cheese. Turn around twice and he's tucking into hers.... omg!! Way to control the variables!! I am a bad scientist. I bring disgrace to my degree. I don't know how much got eaten but he was up screaming in the middle of the night again. I checked and he has 4 new teeth cutting... could that be it? Wishful thinking?

Next morning and he's got some spots on his face. Gotta love toddle acne... I'm pretty sure it's his go-to diary reaction.

In other words, my study was seriously flawed but I'm leaning towards "still diary sensitive."

Friday, January 23, 2015


A few nights ago.

Baby is snuggled, falling asleep next to me. He starts fussing. I try to shush him. His fussing turns to failing as he throws his covers off. Whimpers turn to cries and he starts holding his belly. I turn on a low light and try to cuddle him. He cups my face in his small baby hands and cries "Momma!" Little boy is definitely trying to tell me something. He holds his belly again as I prepare myself for a long session of bouncing and pacing. Just as I'm about to pick him up.... *TOOT* then three more in rapid succession. The crying stops. I look at him and ask if he feels better. "Yeah." He flips over and goes back to sleep.

Amusing baby. 

Since that night he's told me he wants to go to the potty a few times, only to toot baby style on the way there. Guess we need to work on the difference between gas and poop! 

I've been loving the last month or so of increased communication. He can follow simple requests now like, "Go to the living room, find your sippy cup and bring it back to me please." It's pretty darn awesome.

He's quite the silly monkey. Definitely an entirely different personality from his sister. Toddler life with this boy is definitely an adventure!

Right now he's running around pantless (his choice) while swiffering the floors (his choice) .... 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


For the record I have no intention or plan for their weekly portraits to match up or even have a theme, as they seem to have done. It's simply been a happy coincidence. This week is much the same.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

365 - Week 2


*the title has been fixed. Seriously guys? This post has been up for a week and no one thought to mention to me I'd titled it 355 instead of 365? Thanks guys.


Budding Artistes

btw the baby bear is in TOTAL copycat mode. Jbear was goofing off for the camera and I turn around to find...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Experiement: To dairy or not to dairy.

The pediatrician told me that 18 months is one of the last big 'I'm suddenly not sensitive to dairy anymore' possible moments. If the BabyBear is still showing signs of intolerance at his next checkup then she'll consider sending us to an allergist. 

Well, today he's 18 months and one day old. Time to experiment!

Step 1. Choose your dairy. up milk has always been the hardest on his system so I opted to start with yogurt. I'm generally not a yogurt fan but even I'm fond of the Greek Gods brand. Highly unlikely that he'll turn his nose up at anything containing it's thick yummy goodness.

Step 2. Prepare smoothie.  I went for something I knew he'd like. Banana, sweet blueberries and spinach. I'm not sure why the blueberries are sweet right now but I'll keep buying them until they return to their normal unpleasant tart state. (Actually, I was unsure about the spinach addition but I knew from past experience that if you add enough banana you can't taste the spinach.)

Step 3.  Photograph toddler devouring the smoothie. Wow. That's greener than I expected. I'd planned on splitting this smoothie with him but he firmly insisted that my cup belonged to him as well. Oh well, no health food for me this morning... back to the coffee...

Step 4. Wait. I'll let you know how it goes. Let's hope for a very uneventful day! 

(Why did I choose to run this experiment as soon as hubs leaves town? You owe me one babe!)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Project 52 - 52/1

I guess I'm feeling ambitious this year because on top of the 365, I am also attempting 'Project 52.'

I'm sure there are multiple versions out there but my plan is; a portrait of my children once a week, every week. When reminiscing over last year's 365 we couldn't help notice how incredible the change is at this age and we decided that we wanted a record.... but there's no way I could take on an additional 365 for each kid! This was our compromise.

and to prove to you it's not going to be all "glossy, posed, rose tinted, my children are perfection nonsense," we start with...

52/1 "Messy Faces"

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