Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekly Weigh In 9,10,11, and 12!

Oh gosh... how behind am I? I don't even have an idea. I'm going to have to go back and look at my last post to work it out.

After finishing NROLFW stage 1 my dedication completely fell apart. Instead being able to knock out a workout in 35 minutes, stage two was taking me almost and hour and a half. I do not have that kind of time to devote to the gym 3 days a week. Add in visiting grandparents and I can honestly say I've only made it to the gym once a week recently (and that was for yoga!) I did make it to LifeBarre last night so I feel like I'm on my way to getting back in the groove but we'll see.

I only have 11 days before my final weigh out. Ideally I'd like to see that scale tip below 160 (it's been YEARS people.) I know it's just a number and if I start lifting properly for the next 2 weeks I know the scale might actually go up but it would be lovely to see. I'm going to try to really recommit myself for this final push.

Okay time for the numbers... (looks like the last weigh in was the 12th)

9/29/15 162.9lbs and 36.5%bf
10/6/15  162.1lbs and 36.3%bf
10/13/15 163.1lbs  and 35.9%bf
10/20/15  161.4lbs and 35.8%bf
10/27/15  161.2lbs and 35.8%bf

and here it is in a pretty graphical representation

whoo! It's not a lot but it's progress. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Weigh In 8

Despite celebrating a belated birthday weekend for my Mom in NoVa this weekend, I still managed to come away from the weigh in with good news! (Take that Cheesecake Factory!)

9/29/15 162.9lbs and 36.5%bf

I have officially lost 5lbs LOL!! Slow but steady right people? I'll get there... eventually!

Stage 1 - Workout B recap

Call me absent minded. I totally forgot to come back and post Stage 1 - Workout B's recap!

 However, it's not like I'm saying goodbye to any of these moves, stage 2 just modifies them a bit. Lunges and deadlifts will be elevated, wide grip lat pulls switch to an underhanded grip, shoulder presses become Cuban dumbbell snatches.. planks and pushups will remain as is (just hopefully with better form!) Wish me luck folks! I made it through Stage 2 Workout A this week already but tomorrow will be my first go at S2B1! (stage 2, workout 1 of B)

 ps. Can I just add how totally impressed I am with myself after figuring out to embed that pdf file into the blog all by myself? Whoo!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weekly Weigh In 6

You know when I drag my feet on the update this long that the news isn't good. It didn't go up much so I guess things could be worse. On the bright side, in the past week 4 different people have commented on how much weight I look like I've lost. Haven't the heart to tell them it's only 3lbs..... oi. We're halfway through and I still have so far to go. I'm so conflicted. Do I stay with the weights, which I enjoy and can see progress with or do I focus on my diet/cardio and try to drop some of this weight faster than lifting will do?


9/15/15   165.2lbs and  37.7%bf

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stage 1 - Workout A

I did my last NROLFW "A" workout this morning! (Technically I have one more workout but that's just going back to my beginning weights and seeing how many reps I can crank out. Perhaps I'll update later. Right now I'm just excited that I've completed something!) Friday morning will be the last B workout, but for now, here's Stage 1:Workout A in it's entirety.

I'm kinda impressed with the weights I was able to get up to, (disregarding the seated cable row because that beast refused to get any easier once I got to 85lbs!) My elbows still flare out a bit too much on the pushups and I'm definitely not getting as low as I should but I'm still proud of the ones I can do.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Meal Planned Week.

After lamenting on facebook my inability to force myself to create a meal plan, my friends came to the rescue with multiple suggestions, commiserations and tips. Instead of nodding at their helpful advice and then promptly forgetting it 2 hours later [what you think I've done that before? Surely not.] I decided to commit to a week of planned meals, and we all know that I'm way better at sticking to something if I tell people I'm doing it first. Sometimes harnessing the power of peer pressure is a good thing.

However I'm not doing a week. I'm doing 5 days. A "work week" if you will. (Though that doesn't actually exist when you have kids. Enjoy sleeping in you yuppies!) I'm also not doing breakfast and lunch yet because I'm a completely newbie and we're taking baby steps here people.

[I'm going to write this as the week progresses so maybe you can have recipes and pictures as well but that also means I'll probably be all over the place with my tenses. Prepare yourselves for past, present and future all mingling about in the same paragraph! ]

Here's the plan.

Monday Night
Skinny Quiche (I've already misplaced the website I adapted it from.)
Whoops. Mark's tires were all low this morning, turns out he needed four new ones. The evening was a complete mess. We got a pizza to go from Mellow Mushroom. Off to a great start... 0_o

Tuesday Night
This needs to be a crockpot meal because JBear has swim lessons until 6:15 and it will easily be 7 by the time we get home. It also needs to be something I know both kids will eat because they'll be starving by the time we get home.

I did it! Pork chops in the crockpot with raw green beans. (No time to cook side dishes, hahaha) They were delish, but both kids chose to eat their leftovers from the weekend instead. Ie, hamburger and chicken fingers. Whoo, healthy.

Wednesday Night
Gymnastics until 6:45 not home until 7:30. I need something she can eat before we leave but then have 'second dinner' from when she gets home and is hungry all over again. Another crockpot meal. 

Oops. Forgot to plan crockpot meal. Turned into last minute stop at grocery store on the way home to buy mince and hamburger helper. Yeah. You can see why I need to try harder at this whole "planning" thing.  At least I served it with an organic salad!

Thursday Night
We'll all be home, so I'm choosing something that will be fun to pull together as a family.
Imitation PFchang's Chicken Wraps. (Hmmm.. I'm looking at this currently - Thursday morning. I think not. I have some italian chicken destined for the grill tonight. Let's see how this pans out...)
Hahaha In my defense I did cook the chicken to have on salads for the next few days.

And doesn't this salad look yummy???

Friday Night
I'm trying to resist writing the words 'Pizza Movie Night' with every fiber of my being... I sooo want to write 'Pizza Movie Night.'

Impromptu dinner with friends! A friend I haven't seen in 15 years and thus have not met husband or children of! I made steak pie, puff pastry and roast potatoes. They brought apple pie. Heaven help me but I refused to count calories and just enjoyed the company! 

In short I'm going to call this "meal plan" a complete fail. LOL I must try harder next time. 

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