Thursday, August 27, 2015

The third weigh in.

Soooo... yeah. No news was good news but I promised I'd keep you up to date. 

Tuesday was crazy. Like, "Oh my gosh, what I have done?! Why did I schedule so many things in one day?!" crazy. 

10:30am Gymnastics - Gabriel

11:30am Try to get my NROLFW workout in knowing that I needed a full hour and a half for Gabriel in the kids club that evening so tried to get it in as quickly as possible. I got through almost all of it. I had one set of lunges and one plank left when the kids club beeped me. He's pooped. That's okay.. I was almost done anyway and was running a bit over schedule. On the not okay side, he's still technically clocked in to kids club while frantically changing his diaper and trying to get us out of there before I use up the time I need tonight. 

12:30pm Home, lunch and nap. Alas for him not me. 

3:10pm Leave crazy early to get in line for carpool. If I get to carpool at 3:40 (school gets out at 3:45) then I'm not through the line until about 4:05. I'd signed up for the try it tuesday class at the gym which started at 4:30. The gym is about 24 minutes from the school and I'd still need to put my stuff in a locker and check the kids into the club. This means I needed to get through carpool earlier (but definitely not quicker) We got there about 3:20 and were still considerably far back through the line. We got out by about 3:55. Not worth it in the usual since but since I needed those extra minutes to get somewhere on time it had to be done.

4:30pm Try it Tuesday. Team Weight loss. Spend 40 minutes on the elliptical with my heart rate hovering around 175. Ouch. Then we head over to the dumbbells and repeat almost the same exercises I did this morning except with dumbbells instead of the bar. Fun. Class is running long. Which would be okay if I didn't have to get Jessica to her swim lesson by 5:45. (Thankfully it's in the same building.) This also means I don't have time to wait in the weigh in line before getting her to swim, plus Gabriel's out of time anyway. 

5:40pm Headed to kids club I pass a friend who I rapidly explain my situation to. She's all kinds of awesome and volunteers to watch Gabriel while I go weigh in. I get Jessica ready for swim, drop her with her instructor and deposit Gabes with AWESOME friend. 

5:50 Waiting in weigh in line (weigh in closes at 6 btw.) I'm watching the line. There's two machines. I want the one on the right because it's the same one I used last week. They're different models so I'm guessing variation between them is to be expected. I work it out and I'll definitely be on the one on the right. Hooray! Apparently slow foot in front of me wants the same thing. Both machines open up and instead of heading to the left she deliberately waits for the trainer to wipe down the right machine. Inner rage! Argh! I have to get back to Gabe though so friend may actually work out, so faffing about waiting for that machine isn't in the cards. Weigh in. 

8/25/15  168.2lbs and 38.8% bf  

Noooo!!! That went the wrong way! I thought I was staying under my caloric target but when you stop weighing everything things can get away from you. I also went out to dinner twice this week which apparently sent me in the wrong direction. This week I will add more cardio and work harder on my diet. The leader board is all screwy this week. They somehow switched my club so the rankings are all off. I assume that my national ranking is right though. Ugh.

But wait... Tuesday wasn't over! 

6:00pm Collect Gabriel. Talk and lament my weigh in with awesome friend. Ack! Lose track of time. Must collect Jessica from swim lesson. 

6:15pm Collect Jessica, meet Mark in the locker room. Get Gabriel ready for the pool and send the kids off with Mark. I'm going to shower, get changed and head out to dinner with my craft club!

6:35pm Out of shower.... but where are my clothes... dude. The clothes I packed along with swim stuff for the kids, toiletries, shoes, snacks etc etc etc. No clean clothes! Grudgingly put smelly gym clothes back on. (Yes, the SAME gym clothes I was wearing at the gym this morning and then again for 2 hours this evening.) Head to semi fancy restaurant and meet friends for dinner. I knew I'd over packed the day and that something was going to give. I just never thought it was going to be my clothes.

When I got home that night I found them in a nice folded stack on the dryer. Whoo. Go me. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Recap

eegads. It's Tuesday again already! That means tonight or sometime tomorrow morning I'm supposed to hit publish on this week's progress. Unfortunately (for me) I have not been journaling the week as it progressed. Let's hope my memory is up to the task.

Exercise: I don't think I did anything...
Steps: Fitbit says I didn't wear my watch today.

I do remember going to Chick Fil A for dinner... oh my. We are not off to a good start here. 

Exercise: Up at the crack of dawn to make it to the 9am Yoga Yin class. (Excuse but getting out of the house with a toddler in tow by 8:25 after making sure the kindergartener is ready for school is the crack of dawn for me. We don't do early mornings here.)

After Yin I met up with a brand new buddy who's doing the NROLFW too. I met her online. What are the chances? She's awesome and it's great to have someone to cheer you on. I did Stage 1 Workout 3:B

Steps: Fitbit reports 7,168 steps but I took the watch off around 7pm so it should be a bit more than that. 

Exercise: I watched Jessica do her fun run at school. She ran 27 laps and raised $54 for her school. What do you mean that doesn't count as exercise for me? :(
Steps: Did not wear fitbit.

Exercise: Multiple walks with the family. (Mom and Dad were visiting!) I also ran. Yes. You read that correctly. I ran. Outside, and there were no lions in sight. Dad has decided to take running back up and as much as it's not my thing I decided to go on a short run with him to help with motivation. We went .46 of a mile in 5 minutes 46 seconds and I thought I was going to puke. Super fun. 
Steps: 12,162!  Woohoo look at that! Fitbit is happy with me for once!

Exercise: Stage 1 workout 4:A followed by an hour of Yoga Yin. Mark didn't get to come with me this week because Gabriel had a fever and needed to stay home. 
Steps: I wore the fitbit at the gym and only the gym. 2,540. 

Exercise: Definitely a recovery day. I took the kids swimming. I did two laps in the pool and sat in the sauna. 
Steps: Did not wear.

Exercise: Stage 1 workout 4:B in the morning. Team Training (a Try it Tuesday event) in the evening. 
Steps: Didn't put it on until 4pm! Only really used for heart rate today.

I've been trying to eat healthy but you saw how the week started.. I'm pretty nervous about the weigh in tonight. Check in tomorrow for the numbers and the leader board update! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The second weigh in.

Now I've gotten myself all kerfluffled. I think I want Tuesday to be the LAST day of the weekly recap but that's not lining up with the numbers in my head. I weighed in on August 8th and I weigh out on November 7th which is actually 91 days. 13 weeks. I should have a recap 13 times. UGH this is too complicated. New plan. Instead of trying to match my recaps up with the amount of time passed (since we're 12 days in and I've only done one recap, I've obviously missed the boat. Technically, I'm so confused that I don't even know where that boat is/will be.) 

I'm going to start my week Wednesday morning and end it Tuesday night. It will still be called a weekly recap but it will not coincide with weeks of the challenge. Whew. That was complicated. You know what might have been simpler? Figuring that out on paper or even in my own head before I sat down to type.  Welcome to the workings of my brain people. It's a scary place in here. 

You're missing last Monday and Tuesday in this new system. Monday was a recovery day and thus super dull. I didn't even wear the fitbit so there's nothing to report. I went swimming with the children but as it included the 2 year old, there was less actual swimming and more 'keeping the child from drowing.'

Tuesday though, Tuesday was an important day. It was weigh in day! 

EXERCISE: Stage 1 - Workout A:3  Followed by my first real cardio of the 90 days. I only did 16 minutes but it was an intense 16 minutes. I did a HIIT routine. So 2 minutes easy, 1 minute all out hard, repeat until feel like puking.  
STEPS: My fitbit reads 6,798 but I actually took it off when I got home from the gym so that number is a little low.

Okay okay now for the fun bit. The weigh in. 

I took my hair scrunchie out and stuffed my fitbit in my shoes. I may also have spent some time in bathroom using the hand dryer to try and dry out my yoga pants that had gotten soaked in the parking lot. (There was a mini monsoon when we arrived.) 

8/8/15     168.9lbs and 40.1% bf
8/18/15   167.4lbs and 37.9% bf 

That's a 2.2lb loss and 5.49% bf change! Better than nothing. I'll take it! 

My national ranking is 709 but my club rank is 38! (Perspective: 38 out of 427 participants who have weighed in)

Here's the link if you'd like to look at the Leader Board. Keep in mind I'm on the Transformation board and not the weight loss one. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekly Recap - Week 1

For those of you following along with my 90 day body transformation challenge. 

I'm pretty sure I stayed in my calorie range but did I weigh and measure foods today? No. Very unlikely that I reached 170 grams of protein but at least I wasn't weight training.
EXERCISE: Yoga Yin class (1 hour)
STEPS: 6,255 (Gabriel skipped his afternoon nap and was seriously out of it around the time I'd planned to get in a family stroll.)

The plan was to drop Jessa off at school, get in my weight training and then pop into the kid's club to go to baby music class with Gabes. Ahhh the best laid plans. That did not happen. Gabes and I got to the gym and into kid's club about 9:40. It took at least 5 minutes to convince him that one crying toddler did not mean the whole place was a terror zone. I got to the locker room and realized I needed to be back for music in 10 minutes. So instead of running upstairs, I sat down with my book and figured out what my weights for today were going to be. After baby music I had to scoot home to meet the air/con guy but halfway home I got a message saying he needed to reschedule. Joy. No big deal really though since Gabriel conked out in the car. Jessica did have swim tonight though which meant I was going back to the gym anyway. Hurrah! Not a total write off.

EXERCISE: Stage 1 - Workout A:1. It took me about 30 minutes but there was also considerable confusion involved looking for the cable machine and making a fool of myself trying to to complete the Prone Jackknife move (I switched to the ab dolly!)
STEPS: 7,874 I'm sure I'd have made it to 10,000 if only I could have worn my fitbit in the pool!

EXERCISE: No Exercise today! Eegads!
STEPS: Very low step day. An embarrassing 5,880.


EXERCISE: Stage 1 - Workout B:1 Some Deadlift confusion but I'm getting there. I did some cardio to warm up as well but for the life of me I can't remember the times now. 
STEPS: 10, 255!!


STEPS: Turns out Tuesday wasn't my worst day for steps... Today was! Only 4,854.


EXERCISE: Stage 1 - Workout A:2 Starting to get the swing of things now!
STEPS: 8,576


EXERCISE: Took the kids to a 2 year old's birthday party. Does that count?
STEPS: 6,812

EXERCISE: Stage 1 - Workout B:2. Made it to the gym with the entire family today! Mark spotted me through my deadlifts to help me figure out my form. I'm not sure why they confuse me so much. But I think I finally figured it out. Upped my weight 10lbs from Wednesday as well!
After the routine Mark and I hit Yoga Yin to stretch it out. 
STEPS: not yet tallied (it's still Sunday folks!)

Here's what my Stage 1 - Workout A looks like

and this is Workout B

So... Sunday to Sunday isn't exactly a week and for the observant among you, you'll have noticed a lack of weighing in. Turns out they didn't do a weigh in for week one, since technically it was only 2 days after our first weigh in. I'm going to try to switch my weekly recap to better align with Tuesdays. Next week's recap will begin with Tuesday. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life Time - 90 Day Challenge

This morning wasn't nearly as fun as I'd hoped it would be, but it's done now.

I had an appointment with my trainer (when I say 'my trainer' I mean the trainer I've worked with twice using my free LT bucks that I got on sign up) at 11:30. I headed up to the training desk at 11:25 only to wait around until 11:40. A few folks asked me who I was waiting for and after I told them, they'd nod and then go on about their business. It wasn't until I'd been there 15 minutes that a more helpful chap said that she was actually working downstairs and I needed to go through the 90 day check in line downstairs to get to her. Okay. Off I go. Get in line. VERY LONG LINE. Wait from 11:45-12:00 at which point I have to get out of the line because I'd scheduled Jessica a haircut at 12 (thinking my 11:30 meeting should only last 30 minutes). Thankfully the salon is in the same building.  I take Jessica off to have her hair done. Hair cut. Totally cute btw. Didn't actually cut much, baby steps here people! It's the first time I've taken her to get her hair cut since "the incident" 2 years ago!

Back into the line we go. This time Jessica wants to hang out with me instead of going back into kids club. I'm not entirely sure how long it takes this time but it wasn't quick.

Initial stats: 168.9 lbs and a whooping crazy 40.1% body fat. Obviously my 'pre-game bulking up campaign' was successful... erm. Yeah. That's it. On purpose. More to lose more to win!

2 hours later we leave the gym, having not worked out. At all. No exercise. Great start there.

Tonight I take my before pictures... which I'll obviously have to share at some point. Let me just get some momentum going before I put it all out there.  Ooh, I should probably take measurements too if I can find the measuring tape.

Wish me luck guys. It should be an interesting 90 days!
Here's the link to the actual challenge:

Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm sick and feel like I'd like to curl up and die so obviously.. B.O.Y.
This is an action shot. He's busy dumping cubies and hitting things with his olaf bat while I sit here, practically laying on the table, waiting for their tatertots to finish baking. At least he's quiet and not hitting his sister. I'm calling it a sick day win.
Just waiting for hubs to finish his painful commute and I can tag out... sorry babe!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


So by now you're probably aware that I'm more likely to write when things go wrong than when they go right....

Tires. TIRES. Seriously, why must tires plague me so? I'm always getting nails in my tires or they're leaking for no reason. Recently they've taken to skidding in the rain. NOT COOL. Saturday we took the Rogue in for it's checkup and it as it turns out... we're still running on the original tires despite having over 50,000 miles on the car. Erm.. oops? No one ever suggested needing new tires. They kept passing the state inspection and every time I got a new nail in one Nissan just plugged the hole instead of replacing the tire. I think one tire had 4 plugs in it. Is that safe? 

I asked them to price up a new set for me and told them I'd make an appointment this week to get the new ones on. 

Sunday: Torrential rain. Mark's driving home. Handling is horrible. Skid light even comes on at one point.

Monday: I don't schedule the appointment yet because the tires they'd recommended were getting bad reviews online and I wanted to do some more research. Plus it's not raining so I'm not worried.

Tuesday: The low pressure light comes on in the car. I head to the gas station and fill them up. Three were at 28psi instead of 33 but the back passenger tire was at 23. I drive to Raleigh and home again. Everything seems fine. Still no rain, no need to panic. I ask dad to recommend tires and he finds a set he thinks I should get at Just Tires, but it was a long busy day and I still haven't made an appointment.

Wednesday: Get kids loaded into the car. Preschool, baby gym, playdate, starbucks. It's going to be a fun morning. Car feels funny... like uneven funny... drive out of neighborhood. Low pressure light comes on. Car is not happy. I'm worried. Really don't want to drive on the rim but Sheetz is sooo close. Know I can get there... HOPE I can get there. Jessica is prattling on about whether I think Tinkerbell is real and how she wants to have her next birthday party at Disney World. I try not to bite her head off and remind her that Tinkerbell is NOT real, death grip on steering wheel. (We've had the Tinkerbell conversation sooo many times.) Say prayer to God out loud that we make it to the gas station. I think Jessica finally gets the point. Back tire is at 16psi. I fill it back up to 33. Do I go the dealership who might not have my tires in stock but have a place for the kids to play or do I drive past them to get to Just Tires who I know have my tires...?? I drive on. Ugh.

Of course they're busy. Of course these tires cost more than the ones at the dealership (they're special rain tires though so I hope they're worth it!) I ask how long it'll be. The guy tells me an hour an half. Well there goes our morning and any hope of getting Jessica to school today.

We walk across the street and spend an hour in Kohls. AN HOUR. With a toddler and a 5 year old. I pretty much let them decimate the toy section for 30 minutes and then we tidy it all up again. We come out of Kohls and my car hasn't moved. They haven't even started yet! Ugh. 

Walk over to the Dollar Tree. Promise both children balloons. Jessa spends 20 minutes trying to decide with $1 piece of junk she wants. Gabriel wants to throw himself from the trolley. I start to lose my mind. Finally get to check out. Gabriel gets a spiderman balloon and J gets a heart. The checkout lady ties Jessica's to her wrist while I tie G's to his belt loop. Gabriel freaks. The WORLD IS ENDING. He wanted to hold his own balloon, tying it down is the worst punishment ever. Howls of rage. I am 'that' mom with the squalling toddler. Trying to console Gabriel and get his balloon out the door I don't notice that Jessica is messing with hers and it's loose. We walk out the door. Poof. Pink heart balloon heads for heaven. I can see the tears in her eyes. She's about to lose it. I quickly promise a new balloon if she can hold it together until I get Gabriel changed. She takes a deep breath. Oh did I mention? Somewhere along the line Gabriel pooped and there's no wipes in the diaper bag... they must be in the car with ALL THE SNACKS AND DRINKS.  (Yes you read that correctly I'm trying to entertain a 1 year old and a 5 year old with NO SNACKS!)

Walk to the grocery store. I guess I could have bought snacks here but was I thinking straight? No? I had to buy wipes and change a poopy toddler. [He's still angry the balloon is attached to his belt loop.] 

Walk back to the Dollar Tree. Buy replacement balloon for Jessica because I'm nice like that and it really wasn't her fault. 

Walk back to Just Tires. Gabriel doesn't want to walk. He seems to to suddenly weigh 50lbs. Car is not done. Not Done. arrrrrgh! Kids squabble over the tiny bat and ball we got a Kohls. Gabriel runs amuk. Do you ever have the feeling that if you could just tie your hair back things would be easier to deal with? Mine is everywhere, but you know what? My hair claw is IN THE BLOODY CAR! You know what baby boy? Cry. Maybe they'll work quicker. 

Jessica is hungry. She starts to pout. Begs me to take the balloon off her wrist. I tie it to the diaper bag. She sits in the chair and while I try to stop Gabriel from smashing in the vending machine with his new bat, she kicks the balloon and it separates from the string........ seriously? It floats to the ceiling. The super high, like not even a really tall man standing on a chair could reach it, high ceiling. Hmm... no sympathy left. Sorry J. No more balloon. This time it was all your fault. 

I ask about how much longer. He doesn't give me a time but says soon. It's already been 2 and half hours. The wifi in their store doesn't work and for some reason it's a cellular black spot so I can't even resort to youtube videos for the kids. I'm going to die. Should I just take the kids a couple blocks over for lunch? He assures me "soon." I don't like soon. It's too vague.

FINALLY they pull the car around. He checks me out. Price is lower than expected.... wait. I don't see the warranty on the receipt that we agreed on. He didn't add it. He wants to know if he should go back and add it now. So he can rerun the bill, print new papers, spend 10 more minutes in this store. No. Thank. You. I told him I'd call him tonight if I decide I still want it. (I kinda do want it because I have such bad luck with tires.... but I don't know if I can bring myself to deal with them again.)

We head for the hills. Jessica and Gabriel split the lunch I'd packed her for school. 

After leaving this morning at 9am we're finally home by 1. Gabriel almost instantly goes down for a nap, and because I have very little active parenting left in me Jessica is watching Rescue Bots. I try to decompress. I'm off to make a cup of tea now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better (and my tires will still have air in them.)

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